The Throwback

Dear Blog Readers, if you are still out there I apologize for my tardy blogging.

It’s been a busy few weeks everyone, full of rich blog-worthy experiences. I’m filing away all kinds of rants, odd stories and potentially narcissistic pictures and ‘life moments’ for you.

BUT I realize my current lack of internet offerings puts me on the hook for something to keep the peace. SO in that spirit I give you an incriminating photo!

Here is a true throw back of me at 19. The graduating class at my university was doing a production ofUnity:1918 and one of the few parts available to my second year self was… the farting dead wife of one of the main characters (I think my name was Agnes). My role consisted of being thrown down onstage, potato-sack-style, dragged across the floor and hauled around in a wheelbarrow. My costume was also interlaced with multiple whoopie cushions. The most difficult ‘acting moments’ I had were trying to keep a straight face whenever one of the whoopie cushions went off (Farts. They get me every time).

Agnes did not bring me eternal fame and glory like I dreamed she would (actually she mainly brought me a lot of bruises and one terrifying trip to a chiropractor), but the experience still serves to remind me that we all need to start somewhere.

More to come!

*Click the picture if you want a closer look at that moment of my life (but I don’t recommend it)

Michelle Alexander