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Hello again blog,

How have you been? I haven’t seen you since last year! (over used joke, I know).

This post is dedicated to resolutions. I’m sure for everyone out there, actor or not, you’ve read about a zillion resolution articles by now (its almost mid January after all). If you’re over those, or are already ‘resolved’ for the New Year, congrats! You’re either SUCH a perfect person you never need to give a thought to self-improvement or you’re happily on your 2015 journey already.

For those of us that have been in a bit of an extended holiday coma and are only now going , ‘What? You mean New Years happened almost two weeks ago?! Yah… I wanted to set goals, I meant to set them, it just… hasn’t happened yet. BUT it WILL! For sure…’

Read this article by Ben Whitehair (that name’s going to be especially cool when he’s in his 80’s). It’s resolution advice that is realistic, not bullsh**y (what kind of illusion do I think I’m creating with those asterisks?), not so long you hate him as well as yourself AND pretty damn motivational. The man includes a work template for Christ sakes!

I myself have drank the Kool-Aid and am working through the Annual Review at this very moment. If nothing else its teaching me to set realistic goals. The two most present in my brain right now are:

-Deal with the moment/situation that IS, rather than what I think its supposed to be


-Yes reach for the stars, but set goals that you can actually achieve: Like this blog for example. I really enjoy writing it, but my little day planner tells me to write a contribution every week, and I always want them to be EPIC POSTS. Which equals me getting overwhelmed and putting it off for MONTHS!

This year I’m going to start with aiming for once a month, and write still mostly epic posts, but more short thoughts/videos/pictures mixed in there as well. You alllll get to judge and see how I do (and ironically another resolution I’m toying with is care LESS if people judge you or not. So win-win for me)

I digress, here’s the article:


You’re the CEO of your own company. I hope this isn’t surprising news. (If it is, congrats! How exciting.) One thing I’ve learned about show business is that if you don’t get the business side on lock, you are unlikely to have many opportunities to show anything. (See what I did, there?) And, one thing that all successful businesses do is constantly check in on their results and progress. And thus, I introduce you to…

The Annual Review
This will be the seventh year that I spend all 16+ hours of my drive back to Colorado (Go Broncos!) reviewing the previous year and setting goals for the coming year. I’ve been doing this with one of my best friends, and I can say that having a friend/partner/coach who knows you very well is extremely beneficial in this process. The primary goal every year is to look back from the 10,000-foot level, all the way down to specific details and examples of what worked and what didn’t work. We also explore the overall themes of the year and our 10 most significant/impactful moments.

This is not an opportunity to beat yourself up or lament that you’re not famous yet. It is an opportunity to celebrate all you accomplished—believe me, you’ll be surprised how much you did in the last 12 months—as well as be honest about your results.

Your Whole Life
In the interest of sustainable success, I believe that if you’re not living a full life, you’re missing out and missing the point. As you look back on 2014, check in on how you did with fitness, family, community service, finances, travel, romance, etc.

How to Measure Success
I’m a huge fan of having as much actual data as possible, and measuring it year to year. For example, I look at the number of auditions I had (and break that down into student films, network television, etc.), the number of direct offers, how much money I made, and most importantly the number and quality of relationships I created. As soon as I started tracking my career based on relationships rather than bookings, my career took off. And remember, you are the one deciding what success looks like to you.

Looking Ahead
Before I create my business plan for the coming year, I think it’s crucial to see how far I’ve come, and get clear on where I am. Having any semblance of reasonable expectations for where I am at any given point in my career has been a huge reason why I didn’t leave town after six months.

If you want to get started on your own annual review you can download my template here

This article is originally from Backstage Experts, if you want to peruse the original or see what Ben Whitehair looks like (no white hair yet, sorry) here’s the LINK

Happy 2015!

Michelle Alexander