On The Road

I know. You don’t have to tell me, it’s been a while. I have lots to tell (including work on a great little short film in early December, some awesome pictures I took with a great photographer, Clayton Cooper, the FULL premiere of Darknet this January, and an Acting Showcase in mid January I am very much looking forward to). See! I gots stuff to report y’all (lets ignore that last sentence shall we?)

But (get ready to be impressed with my desire to get back on the Blogging horse. Terrible name for a horse, ‘Blogging’, I digress…) I am currently in Salem, Oregon, with little computer access on my way to California. I am taking the few moments I DO have to say a little hello ‘wave’ to all you fine readers, and to make grand promises of new entries (and yes, I realize this isn’t the first time grand promises have been made).

This is my last week of family time before jumping back in. And jump back in I shall. Just you wait.

In the meantime here are a few pics from my home, from the end of 2013. Beautiful way to end a great year (if you click on them to enlarge, try to ignore the drainage pipe in the first one. Drainage and beauty don’t really go together):

ps- FYI there are some fancy new photos on my photo page taken by the incredible Clayton Cooper, take a look when you get a chance. He is wicked awesome with light and shadow. I have more to throw up there in a few days and will tell you all about the shoot in my next entry!

pps- Is post scripting in a blog ‘done’?

ppps- If it’s not, triple post scripting must be really embarrassing.

Michelle Alexander