Nailed It!

This past week I was reminded how important it is to get out of the city and how incredibly hard it is to do that! (‘Hard’ in the first world problems sense, of course)

The goal was simple: Get 3 actors (plus one unsuspecting boyfriend) out of the city on a 3 day, 2 night camping trip for some space, swimming and maybe a drink or two. Realistic, no?

That’s what we thought.

Turns out we had grossly underestimated The Actor Schedule. The Actor Schedule being the unpredictable, untamable turn-away-and-its-already-changed THING that we live by every day.

I know you ALL think in actuality this equals lounging around, unemployed, watching Game of Thrones and eating dill pickle chips all day, but quite the contrary (if anything it would be peanut M&M’s). Most of us are over achievers who cram in as much as is humanly possible into our ever-evolving-nonschedule-schedule and THEN constantly rejig it as auditions/classes/life come up. Man! I’m exhausted just telling you about it.

SO here’s what we ended up with: a day and a half, 1 night trip that was bookended by 2 auditions. The first being a musical theatre audition that kept us in the city till 2pm, which meant waiting patiently with a carload of camping gear at Peter and King Street (FYI people hate you before they’ve even seen the whites of your eyes if you are parked at Peter and King) and my dear friend Suzette arriving at the campsite in a mini skirt and heels, due to said audition. The second being a 9:30am audition on Wednesday morning that required me to learn a 2 page monologue of sexual innuendos. Which I did learn while driving back at 1am Tuesday night by reciting it to a carload of sleeping passengers and quietly laughing at my own use of those witty little innuendos (bagels held up as cleavage, gets me every time).

All this to say, we refused to let it get us down; we stuck by our trip and sucked the most out of that day and half that we could. We hiked, swam, sang, ate too many smokies and marshmallows, played volleyball and Frisbee in the lake, did handstands and cartwheels (okay, they did those, I ended up face down in the sand most of the time), burnt/cut most of our toes on pretty much everything (again, just me really), shared stories, drank terrible instant coffee while exclaiming ‘it’s not so bad’, drank better wine, and all obtained pretty incredible sunburns.

Even though it was a whirlwind trip, we came back more relaxed than how we started. It felt like an achievement. Which is why taking this picture was necessary:


So by all means, keep your eye on the prize and your nose to the grind stone as an actor (same thing, no?), but do yourself a favour and find your own day and a half to get out there, to the middle of nowhere and just be. (That’s me serving up a profound ending to this post, just for you. Happy End of Summer).

*Yes, that is my writing in the sand. Thank YOU Vancouver Island, for giving me plenty of practice

**Up next FanExpo on Saturday!

Michelle Alexander