Good Story In Under 10

Okay, don’t make fun, but the only way I can describe how I feel when I watch this video is ‘delight’. I am delighted. Full on Michelle feelin’ delightful.

And why, you may ask, is there a ton o’delight happening?

I think the root of it all is not the high production value, or the performances, or the fact that it was rated one of the best vimeo videos of 2013… It is the story.

The simple fact that the story being told is a great one. It’s funny, suspenseful, heartbreaking, dramatic, and exciting. I am delighted by good story, as we all are, and no amount of hot production dollars can mask a bad script (I’m verging on a much larger blog rant, so I’ll end there and let you watch for yourself).

Let me know how you feel after you’ve watched it. Did it get your delight goin’ on?

Michelle Alexander