Darknetting It Up!

Alright kids, let me catch you up on what’s going on, instead of throwing up links without any explanation like my last post (I mean what do I think this is, some kind of 1997 weblog?! Attempted blog joke. They’ll get better).

For those of you that didn’t click said link last time, here’s the deal yo: I am on a new series that will be released in September called Darknet. It’s CRAZY, dirty, scary and interactive (not interactive in a dirty way. Mind out of the gutter please. *Yes I realize it seems like I think your minds are always in the gutter. Aren’t they? Aren’t they…).

Onwards and upwards: Darknet was created by a pretty amazing group of people that I was very lucky to work with. I will have more to tell in the coming weeks, but not too much, nobody wants to be THAT actor that spoils a show they’re in. How embarrassing. However! I will say, you will see me as you’ve never seen me before… (again not in a dirty way. Pull it together people)

Also, because I know all you can think about now is ‘My god! What IS it about?! I need to know what happens on that show!!’ (Huge can of worms I’ve opened up for you. Huge. Feel free to blame me for the anticipatory mania that will take over your life until it airs) … here’s the multitalented Vincenzo Natali to tide you over with a little bit more info about the show:

Michelle Alexander