Confidence Is Over-Rated

Yah I said it. Over-rated. *For actors of course. All of you lawyers, doctors, micro-biologists out there PLEASE ignore this post… (especially my doctor)

BUT to the actors: I am going to boldly state that Confidence (capital C) is over-rated. We are in a business that generates billions of dollars, why? Because we create the opportunity for regular people to turn on Netflix, youtube, Cable (do people still do that?) and watch human beings just like them face high-stakes situations. We allow audiences to be ‘okay’ with big emotions, embarrassing moments and tough topics  for 45 minutes to an hour. We are in the business of LIFE!

So I say screw confidence, go for courage instead. As a great acting teacher of mine once said, ‘Courage is the act of speaking your heart, regardless of the reception or result’.

So rather than focusing on confidence, the act of being totally cool and solid with who you are, let’s admit we’re all a little bit messy and practice courage instead: Leave your heart, your sense of humour, what embarasses you, those messy emotions on the audition room floor!

Go forth and ‘Courage’ the F out.

Michelle Alexander