Actors Actors Actors

Well hello there, nice to see you again.

I know its been a while, but I encourage you to forgive me and read on! I promise it will help you understand actors (and therefore me) a little bit better. And trust me, we need that; on both sides of the table.

The following was written by an amazing actor, who I just happen to know very well (through many many stages of life. She actually played my daughter in my final year of University, does that mean I get to say, ‘O.M.G. Jessica?! Yah man, we’re like family?!’ I digress. Don’t worry, I digress so hard).

She wrote this post not because she was trying to make some big important point about actors, for actors to all non actors, but for many of the actors I know who have read Jessica’s post, it makes us feel justified, comforted, and darn proud to be able to answer the ‘occupation question’ with ‘Yes, I AM an actor.’ (ps- sentence: 1, use of the word actor: 5)

I present, ‘Thanks For Your Concern’ by Jessica Rose::

“Hi. Nice to meet you.

I’m an actor.

What’s that? Oh. Oh yes. I know how hard it is.

Yes, I know how few people actually “make it”.
Thanks for the reminder. It wasn’t necessary, but I do appreciate the concern.

Yes, I’m an actor. Yes, a real one. Yep, a professional real life actor. No… nothing you would have heard of. Not yet. But I will. Someday. I know it’s difficult to understand. But credits or no credits, I’m still an actor.
Enough about me…what do you do?

No, I won’t sign an autograph for you to sell on e-bay in twenty years. Ha. Ha. Oh, you’re serious. Well, sure I guess.

No, I don’t have a backup plan.
What do you mean a “real job”? Isn’t acting a real job?
Stability? Well, I guess my life may seem a bit less secure to people, but I’m used to it. I don’t think it’s frivolous. I take my life very seriously, thank you. If I didn’t take my life so seriously, I probably wouldn’t be an actor.
Why am I an actor and not a—what did you say? Um. Because I’m an actor. It’s who I am. My hair is red and I like peanut butter and I’m an actor. You know? Well, I mean, it obviously gets more complicated than that…but if I explain any further I’ll have to get all philosophical on you and bare my soul and stuff…and I have to get off the streetcar in a couple more stops…

No, not just anyone can be an actor. In the same way not just anyone can be a surgeon—
Why? Because I hear you need to go to medical school for that.
No, I don’t want to go to medical school. But I would happily play a surgeon in a movie.

It looks easy? I’m glad you think so. I think that means we’re doing our job. We work really hard to make it look easy.
Yes, there is actual technique, skill, and process involved in what I do. Well, it’s a bit hard to explain… but you do thorough script analysis… you break down the scenes structurally and identify the objectives and underlying truths of the characters. Then you translate that understanding into actions you can play to affect change in your scene partner, and then tap into the emotional circumstances so that you can—
Oh, sure. Take that call. I’ll wait.

No, lines aren’t hard to learn. Not really.

Rejection? I disagree. I don’t have to “deal with so much rejection”. Sometimes I’m exactly the right person for the role, and sometimes another person is a better fit for whatever reason. It doesn’t mean I’m not worthy or good in the role or that they won’t bring me back for something else. I think rejection is a misconception.

No, I don’t sing and dance. I wish I could, but I’m just an actor.
No other major skills, no. Well, I did a tap routine in grade 5 that I still remember…but that doesn’t really count. I know someone who eats fire. Maybe that can be my backup plan.

You’re right, I’m not a model. I’m an actor. I so love when you point that out. Yes, I’m short. I’m okay with it. I’m imperfect. I’m a human playing other human beings. I better be imperfect if I want to be honest and real and–
Yeah, she’s really pretty. No, I don’t know her personally.

When will I give up? I don’t know. I can’t answer that. I hope never. There is no timeline for making it. I hope I will do it as long as I want to do it…until it stops being fun or fulfilling or whatever. I hope I can do it forever.

This is my stop. I gotta go… nice to meet you too.. good luck with whatever it is you do…

Oh. Thank you.

Yes, I promise.

I won’t give up.

You too. And you can say you knew me when.”

Original post here: (why YES our websites look similar! You might even think we had the same web designer or something…)

Mmhmm. That’s the way it is. Often. So next time you meet an actor, or talk to an actor you know, remember that each of them (despite how noteworthy their career is yet) are full of the same hope, courage, fear, and strength that Jessica is.

Aaaaaand I’ve officially reached my inspirational quota for the day.

Nailed it.

Till later.

Michelle Alexander