Action for Actors Acting, OH MY!

I am takin’ my skillz’ to the streets!

Teaching a masterclass on acting, here’s the good word gang (can I get away with that? Too old timey?):

Audition Technique Masterclass
with Kelly Thornton and Michelle Alexander

Over two intensive sessions, Artistic Director Kelly Thornton and Actor and Associate Artistic Director Michelle Alexander will lead participants in a practical exploration of audition technique. The course will help the actor solidify a contemporary speech of their choice for theatre auditions as well as equip the actor with tools to approach ‘theatre sides’ where pertinent decisions must be made with limited time to prepare.

The class will explore audition technique in terms of
1. Preparation: scene/monologue analysis, character development, emotionality and overall arc
2. Presentation: attitude and focus in the room, adaptability when given notes, as well as how you present yourself from the moment you walk in the room

*Super curious and deeply interested yet? (yah, those are definitely the same thing).

Here’s the LINK  for more info.

Michelle Alexander