A Little To the Left

If it’s not clear yet, I am a big fan of practice. I can’t think of a better way to stay sharp than to actually DO IT (caps can look so aggressive, am I right? Jeez). I am currently in the habit of getting together with a friend every week and putting a scene on tape. It’s great practice in a low stakes, comfortable environment (probably because its my living room and I usually film the scenes in my pyjamas… but that’s beside the point).

That being said, if you are practicing a scene in front of a camera, and there is no camera person, best be smart and make sure you are on your mark. Because if you are off (and in my case I was WAY off) you could lose the scene all together! Let’s just agree that I was SO into it, I was completely unaware of the camera … yah… that sounds good… let’s go with that.

This video is totally watchable (if you cover the right side of your computer screen with your right hand and shuffle your chair a little to the left).

*Also, really getting luck with the player ‘still shot,’ I look like I’m about to vomit and/or I’m about to jump off a cliff

Michelle Alexander