Songologues Part 1

Actors. We are our own unique breed of addict: we are constantly searching for opportunities to create, we NEED it to feel fulfilled.
*intense, right?! But true.

A recent example of this actor-addict phenomenon is my friend’s little brain child: Songologues.

And yes, it is exactly what it sounds like: actors taking songs, turning them into monologues and then filming them in his kitchen (the whole thing was to-legit-to-quit too, maybe minus the kitchen…ACTRA agreement and all!).

It was simple: pick 3 songs, come up with 3 interpretations of those songs as monologues, bring whatever costumes and/or props you require and show up on time!

It provided a handful of us the chance to have ownership over our work, to collaborate and most importantly a chance to remember that acting is PLAY! It was fun, silly and nothing you did was ‘wrong’ as long as you committed to SOMETHING!

Here is EPISODE 1 (in this episode there is only a wee bit of me near the top and tail, but if you’re into it, I promise there will be more to come):

Michelle Alexander