The Princess Complex

Check it out gang (there IS a gang of you out there reading this, right?) I present to you a sneak peek of my ‘costume in the making’ for the adorable, yet kind of twisted short film Mr. Beard. Way to go Craig! Craig is the lovely guy that suited me up in a garbage bag dress and plastered my head for an afternoon to make this.

And yes, I AM playing a princess. Yep. 100% genuine article princess.  How do you all feel about that? Mixed? Me too! I’ve got me some mixed feelings about princesses in general in all their ultra feminine, overtly sexualized, tiara-wearing glory. (Apologies to my 10-12 year old self who was a princess for Halloween 3 years running).

That being said, when I nervously cracked open the screenplay, I was pleasantly surprised to find a rather slick young lady, aptly named Princess Ice Cream, who could school a ‘traditional princess’ any day. No Disney-fication, just a regular ol’gal who loves ice cream and decides to stick a few cones on her head while she’s enjoying her favourite treat. She’s sticky (ice cream sticky, don’t go there. Dirty minds.) messy and just wants to get into a board game or two while eating a few 1,000 ice cream cones.  Who wouldn’t want to be her friend?

Congrats Ms. Cream, you’re making me rethink Princesses all together.

Michelle Alexander