Talkin Bout Connections

Do you ever think about the string of events that have brought you to the place you are in your life?

*Disclaimer: This post may verge on overly self reflective (but it is a blog after all, on a website about myself so...)

I am on a day off from filming a new project (SO exciting, more on that later) and I am just tired enough and just over heated enough in this Toronto summer to spend time musing on how this opportunity came about.

Let's step back shall we? *Cue Waynes World sounds here* (yes I'm nerdy enough to still find that joke funny):: I took a workshop on recommendation from a friend with the oh so talented Matthew Harrison, that workshop was just so damn good it led to another Matthew workshop with Jon Comerford, which led to another workshop with Jon's partner in crime, Lisa Parasyn (I love me a good workshop, clearly), which led to Lisa bringing me in for an audition which turned into a booking, which *I think* led to Jon bringing me in for a bigger role which I booked and am shooting now.

Phew! That's a lot of connections going on.

The non-self-indulgent point being: You never know who you will meet that will give you an opportunity, open a door or be in your corner. The right connection could happen any time.

I guess that's part of the joy of it all. Wow! Look at me throwing out all the 'joy talk'! Must be the heat.

One more thing, just to show you that I AM taking my studies in html code seriously: I've embedded (embedded, technical term) the audition I did for Lisa Parasyn in ye old workshop.

*Video Disclaimers: I am not high tech enough yet to get rid of those random related videos at the end, yes I also find the face I'm making in the still shot hilarious with my play button eye patch and the scene is from Lost Girl, hence all the succubus talk.

Michelle Alexander