It's for reals. The first update.

It's official. This website is no longer an imaginary creature of daunting html code (well, let's be honest, daunting html code, still a bit of a factor).

I hereby dedicate this first blog post to a full update (its not as long as it sounds, I swear):

Actor update: I just filmed an awesome episode of Beauty and the Beast! Stunt double and all. It was an incredible time complete with a few mini-stunts of my own (trust me I have the bandaged pinky finger to prove it).

Director update: Thanks to the incredible Driftwood Theatre team, I got to direct a piece in Trafalgar 24, which in a nutshell is this crazy 24 play festival, where you are handed a play, a few actors, a non-traditional theatre space and you have 8 hours (complete with annoying but necessary lunch and bathroom breaks) to get it on its feet and ready for an audience. Our play, The Waiting Table, by Paul Dunn turned into a pretty nice little 10 minute show and we won the Audience Choice to prove it!

Shameless promotion/other update: As part of Nightwood Theatre's New Groundswell Festival I am hosting an emerging artist event called 'The Emerging Meets Established Roundtable' (SUCH a creative title, I know. No applause please). Come check it out! It's on March 23rd at 5pm. The goal is to get a bunch of different artists of all different stages of their careers in one room to ask some questions, create discussion and in an ideal world, solve some problems (not like world hunger unfortunately, think more: how do I get people out to see a play I wrote, or how do I get people to watch my youtube channel). Facebook event page:

That's it for now. Next time I promise I will have learned something fancy, like how to insert a pic! Oh html code, you will bow down to me one day.


Michelle Alexander