It's 6:18am, just getting home from a night shoot and waiting for the gravol to kick in ('may cause drowsiness'. why yes, yes it does).

I realized around 3am this morning I am collecting quite a few pics of me in scrubs. Two shots from two totally different shows, same weird serious picture face going on. Why do we all do that in 'selfies'? Also, just learned a self portrait is called a selfie (I know, living under a rock). Selfie...I accept this term begrudgingly, sounds like a bad children's show character.

I digress. (the 'vampier' one is from the show I'm shooting now):

Also realized, over my 4am turkey sandwich, the summer is almost over. LOVE what I'm doing here in Toronto, but have some pangs of longing for this place and these people:

Michelle Alexander